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The Importance of Preventive Care

The Importance of Preventive Care

Preparing for the New Season

The best ways to avoid diseases, injuries and other serious illnesses are to maintain healthy eating and exercising habits, as well as to take advantage of preventive health care services such as screenings, medical history, physical exams and risk assessment.

To help you prepare for the upcoming school year, TSCRA Insurance Services is providing back-to-school health facts and reminders.

Five common reasons students miss school
Common cold
Stomach flu
Ear infection
Pink eye
Sore throat

Checklist—Make sure your child is prepared for the school year
Have your child's vision screened, and hearing tested
Notice unusual actions such as excessive itching or scratching of the scalp
Check to ensure your child's immunizations are up to date (see links below)
Make sure your child's prescriptions are filled and up to date for illnesses such as diabetes, asthma or other chronic problems
Ensure your children eat a healthy breakfast, and plan healthy lunches for them
Communicate with your child about any anxieties he/she might have about the new school year
Ensure your emergency phone numbers are up to date in school files

Flu viruses
Flu season has always been difficult in schools across the country. The 2009 flu season was particularly daunting with the presence of the H1N1 virus (previously known as swine flu) looming over our nation's head. The Centers for Disease Control estimate that 40 percent of Americans, many below the age of 25, will contract the H1N1 virus over the next two years.

However, precautions can be taken to avoid illness. H1N1 and regular flu vaccinations are available, and should be covered by your insurance provider. Washing your hands and avoiding sick people are also important preventive measures.

For more information and helpful guidelines, we suggest visiting Web sites such as:

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.



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