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How Valuable Is Your Health Insurance?

How Valuable Is Your Health Insurance?

A recent study by The Access Project indicates farmers and ranchers are at an increased risk of carrying medical debt, intensifying the need to fully understand what they're paying for when it comes to health insurance.

The value of an insurance policy goes beyond premiums and co-pays. Policies on pre-existing conditions, preventive care and catastrophic injury or illness must also be evaluated. Studying the policy carefully is a good start, but a call for help is often needed.

TSCRA Insurance Services' insurance experts are available to answer those tough policy questions and help determine the value and security of individual and family health insurance plans. With a solid understanding of the specific challenges faced by cattlemen and ranchers, TSCRA Insurance Services can help address your concerns.

When reviewing current plans and choosing new ones, TSCRA Insurance Services suggests that customers look for plans that:

  • Do not place limits on preventive care coverage
  • Evaluate rates annually instead of several times during the year
  • Provide at least $2 million in coverage
  • Cover prescription drug charges (Be sure to ask about the cap of this benefit.)
  • Have low out-of-pocket maximums, which could save you money in the long run
  • Offer a widespread and comprehensive list of doctors

TSCRA insurance Services is committed to helping you find the best insurance plan for your individual and family needs by helping compare benefits, avoid hidden pitfalls and plan ahead for unforeseen circumstances.

Two specific areas that TSCRA Insurances suggests health insurance subscribers review with their provider include potential changes in rates with the birth of a new baby, and the definition of a pre-existing condition. Some insurance companies will change cost based on the number of children you have. It is also important to understand what a pre-existing condition is and how your policy defines it.

Understanding your coverage is the first step in protecting your family. The second is making sure you have someone on your side. Austin Brown III, a TSCRA Insurance Services customer, has first-hand experience with the benefit of a health insurance advocate.

"The TSCRA insurance team worked tirelessly for months to help me straighten out an incorrect hospital bill. In the end, that saved us several thousands of dollars," Brown said. "They know what they’re doing. Perhaps the greatest thing is that when you call TSCRA Insurance Services, you actually get to talk them."

When you need help with your insurance needs, TSCRA Insurance Services is here. We are committed to our customers and do not limit coverage or drop your policy when you need us the most.

To learn more about how to find safe and reliable health care coverage, click here for more information or contact TSCRA Insurance at 800-252-2849.


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